About Us

Our History

Erboristeria Demetra was born in 1985, as a family business owned by brothers Marco and Fabio Ambrosi, after both obtained the Herbalist’s Diploma at the University of Urbino.
Demetra is the Greek goddess of the plants, of the soil, and of fertility.

From 1990 a new important member joins Demetra’s executive. Isabella Piccoli, Marco’s wife, also holding a Herbalist’s Diploma at the University of Urbino, becomes the main figure in consulting and customer service.

The arrival of Isabella Piccoli coincides with the departure of Dr. Fabio Ambrosi, which will specialize on consulting and medical and naturopathic studies.

Nel 2018, carrying on a thirty years old family tradition, Giulio Ambrosi, S.M. (pending) joins the Demetra’s executive.

From 2020 Demetra will again collaborate with Dr. Fabio Ambrosi as an independent consultant.

Demetra is the Greek goddess of the plants, of the soil, and of fertility

Demetra’s logo was taken from a high-relief of Museo Archeologico Opitergino (sec. I A.D.) and portraits on top a frond used to bless, in the center a lotus petal shaped plate and on the bottom a “simpulum”, a spoon used in sacred cerimonies. The first two pictures may represent, according to an open interpretation, the elements of a plant: stem, frond and flower, while the last one, a man-made tool. The human interaction with the plants creates the herbalist’s remedy.

The motto “In Labore Requies” (in labour, rest) is the result of the local monastic tradition, historically bound to the study and elaboration of medicinal plants, and comes from the abbey of Sesto al Reghena (PN), sec. XV A.D.